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Yoga of Surrender-I

by Swami Sivananda

1. Self-surrender is a direct, valid mode of God-realisation.

2. Self-surrender is the easier and surer means of God-realisation.

3. Self-surrender is a safe and sure means of God-realisation.

4. Nothing can be achieved without surrender to the Lord.


5. Surrender yourself and all your belongings at the feet of the Supreme. Live a dedicated life of Godliness.

6. Think that nothing is yours and everything belongs to God. This is surrender to God.

7. Give the power of attorney to God. Let Him do whatever He wants. You will have no worry or anxiety. You will be peaceful.

8. Surrender contains intense love and faith.

9. Surrender must be complete. You cannot have any part of yours.

10. The entire being, mind, intellect, Chitta and egoism, must be surrendered to the Lord.

11. Desire and egoism are two great obstacles to self-surrender.

12. If the mind says: I am Thine, my Lord; if the ego says: I must become a High Court Judge; if the intellect says: I am a great devotee; and if the Chitta says: I must attain Siddhis; this will not constitute perfect, unreserved surrender. This is only cheating the Lord, the inner ruler and witness.

13. After surrendering to the Lord, you should not grumble, fret and fume, when any trouble comes. You should not complain to the Lord: O Lord, You have no eyes. You have no compassion. If you complain then there is no meaning in your surrender.


14. Through surrender the devotee immerses himself into the eternal essence.

15. You can endear yourself unto the Lord only by self-surrender.

16. The more the surrender the more the grace.

17. The degree of grace is in direct proportion to the degree of surrender.

18. You do not lose anything in surrendering to the Lord. You become one with the Lord by surrendering to the Lord. You possess all the Aisvaryas of the Lord. You attain fullness.


19. Sri Krishna Saranam Mama, Sri Krishnah Saranam Mama, Harih Saranam, I am Thine, all is Thine, Thy Will be done my Lord, are formulas for effecting self-surrender.

20. Surrender comes out of intense love and unshakable faith in God.

21. Intense Bhakti can only be attained by the Grace of God.

22. This is Prapatti Yoga or the Yoga of self-surrender.

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