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Yoga of Surrender-II

by Swami Sivananda

Give up egoism and throw your whole burden of anxieties on the Lord. Do total self-surrender to Him. You will attain His grace. He will take care of you completely in all ways.

In difficulties and struggles, God will give you strength and inner peace to bear them. This is His grace.

Constant remembrance of the Lord, constant recitation of His Name will fill your heart with Sattva or purity and immense strength and peace to face the most trying conditions with perfect calmness and serenity.

Have perfect trust in God. Do total surrender unto Him. Place yourself in His loving care. Do this with your whole heart and mind, with perfect confidence and faith. Worry not about your future, about money, about your health. He will take care of you. You will have plenty, immense strength and wonderful health.

Repeat this formula very often with intense faith: The Lord is my strength, my support and stay. You will derive strength, power and peace.

After surrendering to the Lord, do not grumble if you get difficulties and troubles. This goes against self-surrender.

God knows what is best for you. He does what is best for you. His ways are mysterious. Know His mysterious ways and become wise.

Egoism and desire are obstacles to self-surrender. Slay these two enemies of self-surrender ruthlessly.

You may accuse Him now and say: He is not just. He is cruel. He has no eyes. Vicious persons are thriving well in the world. I am virtuous and I suffer. There is no God. Later on you will realise that He has done the best thing for you.

Do not pray to the Lord for removal of sufferings. Pray to Him for granting you power of endurance and patience to bear the calamity.

A devotee remains unaffected by adversities, trials and tribulations. He knows and feels that they are all Karmic purgations and are the real messengers of God; he welcomes them calmly.

A devotee alone gets troubles and adversities, because this is his last birth; many Karmas have to be worked out and he must be united with the Lord in this very birth.

He gives immense patience and strength to His devotee to bear troubles and calamities. The devotee is ever calm and cheerful. He is not in the least affected by them as his mind ever dwells in the contemplation of the Lord. He has no body-consciousness.

Murmur not, grumble not. Even a leaf cannot move without the Will of God. What is destined to take place as willed by God, takes place. Face every difficulty and the battle of life with a smile patiently and heroically. Become a brave soldier. Become an Adhyatmic hero.

Troubles and difficulties come to intensify your faith, to strenghten your will and power of endurance and turn your mind more and more towards God.

Pain is a great eye-opener. It is your silent teacher. It is the only best thing in the world. It will make you remember God. Kunti prayed: O God! Lord Krishna! Give me pain always, so that I may ever remember You.

The more troubles and adversities you get, the stronger and firmer will become your faith in God. The worst troubles and adversities that come to you have the greatest purpose and meaning in them. They will mould you into a divine being. Welcome them and say: I am Thine, all is Thine, Thy Will be done, my Lord.

Approach the Lord with Sarva-Bhava with all your heart, mind and soul, with your whole being. Do not keep any reservation. Do not keep any secret gratification. The mind, Chitta, intellect and the ego should all agree to surrender wholly. You will be supremely blessed. You will obtain His full grace.

Prahlada, Mira and Sakku Bai were tortured in various ways. But the Lord gave them strength and peace. They did not feel torture even a bit. He gave them Darshan and blessed them.

Lord's grace is in proportion to the degree of self-surrender. The more the surrender, the more is His grace.

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