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Action and Actor

by Swami Sivananda

"Action performed as duty, without attachment, without love or hate, without desire for fruit, is called pure (Sattvic). But that action that is done by one longing for pleasures, or again with egoism, or with much effort, is declared to be passionate (Rajasic). The action performed under delusion without regard to the capacity and consequences, loss and injury to others, is declared to be dark (Tamasic)." Gita: Ch. XVIII-23, 24, 25.

"Free from attachment, not egoistic, endued with firmness and enthusiasm, unaffected in success and failure, that actor is called pure (Sattvic). Passionate and desiring to attain the fruit of actions, greedy cruel, impure, moved by joy and sorrow, such an actor is said to be passionate (Rajasic). Fickle, cheating, vulgar, stubborn, malicious, indolent, despondent and procrastinating, such an actor is said to be dark (Tamasic)." Gita: Ch. XVIII-26 to 28.

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