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by Swami Sivananda

"Whatever thou doest, whatever thou eatest, whatever thou sacrificest, whatever thou givest, whatever thou doest of austerity, do thou that as an offering unto Me." Ch. IX-27.

"On Me fix thy mind, be devoted to Me, prostrate thyself before Me; harmonised thus in the Self, thou shalt come unto Me, having Me as thy supreme goal." Ch. IX-34.

The ideas that are contained in Sloka 34 of chapter nine are repeated in Sloka 65 of chapter eighteen. But there is the word of assurance given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna: "I pledge thee My truth; thou art dear to Me." The Lord further says: "Abandoning all duties, come unto Me alone for shelter, sorrow not, I will liberate thee from all sins. Flee unto Him for shelter, O Bharata; by His Grace thou shalt obtain supreme peace, the everlasting dwelling place." Ch. XVIlI-66, 62.

"For a sage who is seeking Yoga, action is called the means, for the same sage, when he is enthroned in Yoga, serenity is called the means. When a man feeleth no attachment either for the objects of the senses or for actions, renouncing all formative will, then he is said to be enthroned in Yoga." Ch. VI-3 and 4.

"Therefore at all times think upon Me only, and fight. With mind and reason set on Me, without doubt, thou shalt come unto Me." Ch. VIII-7.

"He who doeth actions for Me, whose supreme good I am, My devotee freed from attachment, without hatred of any being, he cometh unto Me, O Pandava." Ch. XI-55.

"Restraining and subduing the senses, regarding everything equally, in the welfare of all rejoicing, these also come to Me. If also thou art not equal to constant practice, be intent in My service; performing all action for My sake, thou shalt attain perfection. Ch. XII-4 and 10.

"He who is free from the egoistic notion, whose reason is not affected, though he slayeth these men, he slayeth not, nor is he bound. Though ever performing all actions, take refuge in Me; by My Grace thou obtaineth the eternal indestructible abode. Renouncing mentally all works in Me, intent on Me, resorting to the Yoga of discrimination, have thought on Me. The Lord dwelleth in the hearts of all beings, O Arjuna, and by His illusive power, causeth all beings to revolve, as though mounted on a potter's wheel." Ch. XVIII-17, 56, 57, 61.

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