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Real Rest in Meditation

Fatigue of the Indriyas demands rest. Hence sleep supervenes at night rhythmically. Motion and rest are rhythmical processes in life. The mind moves about in the avenues of the senses through the force of the Vasana. Strictly speaking, Dridha Sushupti is very, very rare. There is subtle working of the mind in dream also. Hence you do not get good rest in sleep. Real rest is secured in meditation and meditation only. It is only Dhyana Yogis who practise meditation that can feel real rest in meditation. The mind is fully concentrated during meditation. It is far away from objects and very near to the Atman. There are no Ragadvesha currents during meditation owing to absence of objects. Consequently, there is manifestation of solid, lasting, real spiritual Ananda with complete, genuine rest. You must feel it yourself. Then, you will agree with me. In Benares, there is a Hatha Yogi who does levitation. He never sleeps at night. He sits in the Asana during the whole night. He gets the real rest from meditation. He has dispensed with sleep. You may not enjoy the rest fully in the beginning of your practice, because at the outset there is a good deal of wrestling between the will and Svabhava, the old Samskaras and the new Samskaras, old habits and new habits, Purushartha and old conduct. The mind revolts. When the mind is thinned out, when you have reached the Tanumanasi state, third Jnana Bhumika, you will enjoy good rest in meditation. You can then cut short your sleep to three or four hours gradually.

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