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Swami Sivananda had a genuine concern for world peace. When the World War II prolonged and there was unparalleled destruction of life and property, he could not remain a silent witness to the happenings, and launched a non-stop Mahamantra Kirtan Yajna on December 3, 1963. And this kirtan continues non-stop round-the-clock even today after about sixty years. Such was his concern for world peace! According to Indian philosophy, peace cannot be found in outer things of sense-objects; but it is to be sought within. Some of his teachings on this subject are given here:

Peace is a divine attribute. The innermost Atman that lies concealed in the chambers of your heart is an embodiment of peace. It is a quality of the soul. It fills the pure heart. It runs away from selfish people. Attain this peace through desirelessness, discrimination and constant meditation on the ever-peaceful Atman.

Peace is freedom from disturbance, anxiety, agitation, riot or violence. It is harmony, silence, calm, repose, rest. It is the happy, natural state of the mind.

Peace is not in money, estate, bungalows or possessions. Peace does not dwell in outward things but within the soul. Nothing can bring you peace, but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace, but the victory over your lower self, triumph over senses and mind, desires and cravings. Peace is in the heart of a desireless man, who has controlled his senses and mind. Greed, lust, jealousy, envy, anger, pride and egoism are the enemies of peace. Slay these enemies by the sword of dispassion, discrimination and non-attachment. You will enjoy perpetual peace.

Everything happens by the will of the Lord. Do not swerve an inch from this conviction. Worry not. You will be ever at peace. If you enter the wonderful calm of divine peace by stilling the bubbling mind by straining the thoughts and withdrawing the outgoing senses, all disturbing noises will die away.

Why do people fight among themselves? The heart must change. Greed and selfishness must perish. Then alone there will be peace in the world.

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