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Courses of Practical Sadhana

by Swami Sivananda

Twelve Aspects of Saguna Dhyana Sadhana (The Continued Act of Meditation on the Divine Form with Attributes)


God is one.

God exists.

God is Love. He is All-merciful.

He is Omniscient (Sarvajna).

He is Omnipotent (Sarva Saktiman).

He is Omnipresent (Sarva Vyapaka).

He is Sarva Antaryamin.

He is the support for everything.

He is endless (Ananta).

He is imperishable (Avinasi).

He is indivisible (Akhanda).

He is Light of lights (Jyotih-Svarupa).

He gives light to the Sun, moon, stars, lightning, fire and the intellect etc.

Fix the mind on the image of your Ishta-Devata. Keep the image in the heart, in the space between the two eye brows by closing the eyes or in front of you. Meditate on the above ideas. Repeat mentally Om, or your Ishta-Mantra or select any formula you like best. If the mind runs, bring it back to the image and rotate the mind from one formula to another and finally fix it on one formula. Keep the image of your Ishta also before your mind. After some practice the mind will get concentrated. Meditation and Samadhi will result eventually. You will have eternal infinite peace and bliss and Immortality.

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