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Ten Minute Sadhana on Twelve Virtues

by Swami Sivananda

Meditate on these 12 virtues for 10 minutes...

1. Humility in January.

2. Arjava (frankness) in February.

3. Courage in March.

4. Patience in April.

5. Karuna (mercy) in May.

6. Magnanimity in June.

7. Sincerity in July.

8. Pure Love in August.

9. Generosity in September.

10. Kshama (forgiveness) in October.

11. Samata (balance) in November.

12. Contentment in December.

Also Purity, Perseverance, Diligence and Cheerfulness.

Imagine that you are in actual possession of these virtues. Say unto yourself, "I am patient. I will not get irritated from today. I will manifest this virtue in my daily life. I am improving." Think of the advantages in possessing this virtue, patience, and the disadvantages of irritability. In this way you can develop all virtues.

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