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Nama Aparadha

by Swami Sivananda

It is true that utterance of Divine Name can absolve us from all sins and enable us to attain salvation or love of God (both of which are so difficult to get) but that is possible only when the Name is uttered with faith and reverence and the practice is free from all taints of sin against the Name viz., the following ten offences:

  1. Vilification of saints and devotees.
  2. Differentiation among (Divine) Names.
  3. Irreverence towards preceptor (Guru).
  4. Speaking lightly of the scriptures.
  5. Treating the glory of Name as nothing but exaggerated praise.
  6. Commission of sins under the cover of the Name.
  7. Ranking the Name with other virtues and practising fasting, charity, sacrifice etc.
  8. Recommending practice of Name to irreverent and ungodly persons who are not prepared to hear such advice.
  9. Want of love for the Name even after hearing its glory.
  10. Emphasis of 'I' and 'mine' and attachment to objects of enjoyment.

If through inadvertence one lapses into any of the above ten sins, the only way to absolve from it is to repeat the Name again and repent for the mistake. Namaparadhayuktanam namanyeva harantyagham; Avishranyaprayuktani tanyevarthakarani cha. (Padma Purana)The Name itself is the best atonement for sins committed against the Name. Through constant Kirtan of the Name all our desires can be fulfilled.

You enjoy all divine Aisvarya of the Lord.

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