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Unutterable Gratitude

by Swami Sivananda

In the midst of his work, he would suddenly be freshly overwhelmed by the goodness of God who had given him this incredible, unspeakable happiness. His breath would stop completely at such times; the awe which he felt would be accompanied by an absolute stillness within and without. Time and space were swallowed up, gone without trace like all unreality. Underlying all his consciousness was a sense of immeasurable and unutterable gratitude; a longing for others to know the joy which lay within them; but most of all, a divine knowledge, past all human comprehension, that all was well with the world, that everything was leading to the goal of Cosmic Consciousness, immortal bliss.

"He can well imagine, with Doctor Bucke that a race of men possessing as a normal and permanent faculty this sense of Cosmic Consciousness would soon turn the earth into a Paradise, a planet fit for Christs and Buddhas, and a polestar for the wheeling universe. "

In the Upanishads he who has experience in Cosmic Consciousness is called 'Sarva-Vit' i. e. , one who knows everything in detail. May we all attain the state of Cosmic Consciousness, our birthright, centre, ideal and goal.

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