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How to Develop Bhakti?

by Swami Sivananda

Service of Bhagavatas, Sadhus and Sannyasins; repetition of God's Name; Satsanga; Hari Kirtan; study of Ramayana or Gita; stay in Vrindavana, Pandharpur, Chitrakuta, Ayodhya, or any other place of pilgrimage-these are the six means of cultivating Bhakti. The following nine modes of worship (Navavidha Bhakti) also will develop Bhakti: Sravana (hearing the Lilas of God); Kirtana (singing His praise); Smarana (remembering His Name); Padasevana (worshipping His Lotus Feet); Archana (offerings); Vandana (prostration); Dasya (service); Sakhya (friendship); and Atma-nivedana (complete self-surrender).

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