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by Swami Sivananda

If you ask a man Are you doing worship daily? Are you regular in doing Japa, Kirtan and meditation? he gives the answer My dear sir, what shall I do? I cannot get now good rice or wheat flour, vegetables, ghee and milk. The price of food stuff is considerably high. The food-stuffs are adulterated. I am starving. I am weak. I cannot do any worship or meditation. He puts the whole blame on food.

Food says Do not blame me sir. My condition entirely depends upon rain. There is no good rain in these days. Hence the production of food is very little and meagre. You will have to blame the rain. If there is abundant rain there will be plenty of food.

Rain says Do not blame me. My life depends upon Agni or fire. Refer the matter to Agni who is my Lord.

Agni says Do not blame me. People do not perform sacrifices or Homa or Havan. A few Agnihotris perform Havan in a half-hearted manner without sufficient ghee and materials. Millions of people perform their own Agnihotra in their own way. They smoke cigars and cigarettes ceaselessly and pollute the atmosphere. Even there are cigarette-girls and cigarette-boys. As soon as they get up from their bed they start Agnihotra as the first thing in the morning and taint the air with their puffs of smoke. Horrible! Shameful! It is their first worship of the Lord. How can you expect good rain and good food? People are degenerated. No Sandhya, no recitation of Gayatri, no Kirtan, no Japa. They eat, drink, smoke, sleep. That is all. The day closes. Life ends. Refer the matter to Vayu or air, my Lord. I am born of Vayu only. If the atmosphere is rendered pure by Havan there will be good rain and abundant food.

Vayu says You will have to refer the matter to Akasa, my lord. I am born of Akasa. His property is sound. If Akasa is pure, I will also be pure and will direct Agni to bring forth abundant rain.

Akasa says Doubtless I am the source or womb for the four Tattvas Vayu, Agni, water and earth. I generate sound. People have polluted me by using horrible vulgar words. Even children utter foul words when they are playing. Parents teach them to use vulgar words. They are their Gurus. Children imitate them. People do not do Kirtan regularly. If all do Kirtan daily the whole atmosphere will be purified. There will be abundant rain and abundant crops. In olden days there was Kirtan in every house, and so there were good rains and good food. Even this little food on earth is due to the Kirtan done by some devotees. Had it not been for this the whole world would have perished by this time on account of severe famine. If you really want peace and plenty do Kirtan, purify the atmosphere and propitiate Lord Hari. Sankirtan is the bestower of eternal bliss, immortality and abundant food which helps a man to do his worship, meditation and attain the goal of life.

O man! Give up at once this vulgar smoking. Do not pollute the atmosphere by uttering vulgar words and smoking. Utter always Sri Ram, Hari Om. Train your children also in this direction. Do Kirtan regularly in your house with your children and all members of the family and in the temple, Mutts, and town halls and enjoy the bliss of the Eternal.

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