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Become the Svarat or Self-king

by Swami Sivananda

Salutations to Sadguru who is of the nature of Sat-chidananda, who is the silent witness of all the attributes or Vrittis of the mind, who is the essence of Vedanta, who is of the nature of Brahman, who is one with Brahman, and who has merged himself in the ocean of eternal bliss.

Para Brahman is Eternal, pure, all-wise, free, all-full, non-dual, partless, all-pervading, Infinite.

In this city of nine gates dwells the Jiva or the individual soul. He has forgotten his essential divine nature on account of Avidya or ignorance. He is not able to behold the Supreme Self on account of the veil which separates him from Brahman. Vikshepa Sakti causes tossing of the mind. So he is not able to concentrate on the Self.

Ahamkara is his minister. The twenty-four Tattvas are the members of his family. Pramatra, Pramana and Prameya are his three sons. Vitteshana, Dareshana and Putreshana and the Shad-Ripus or six enemies, viz., anger, lust, greed etc., have robbed him of the wealth of Atma Jnana. He has become a prey to all attachments. He is burnt by the three fires. He is led astray by the wind of hopefulness. He is enveloped by the fog of attachment to the body. He is deluded by the thoughts I am the doer (Karta). I am the enjoyer (Bhokta). He is attacked by the fevers of Pancha Koshas (five sheaths). He is fallen in the state of deep sleep of sensual enjoyments.

O man! I shall show you now the way to get rid of these afflictions and attain the supreme goal of eternal bliss. Hearken attentively. Do Japa regularly. Do selfless service without expectation of fruits. Abandon the idea of doership. Consecrate all your works to the Lord. Cultivate Bhakti. Take shelter at the lotus feet of Sadguru who is ever in Nirvikalpa Samadhi under the banian tree of Nididhyasana, in the Siddhasana of Sravana and Manana on the banks of the great river, the grace of the Lord. Make prostrations unto Him wet with Bhakti. He will elevate you. He will inspire you and remove all your doubts and snares in the path and help you to attain the kingdom of Atma Svarajya. He will make you free.

O Beloved Ram! You have forgotten your real Svarupa on account of egoism and desires. Thou art pure immortal, Eternal Soul. Thou art That. Tat Tvam Asi. Rise above Moha or delusion. Give up the identification with this impure, perishable body. Take bath in the Ganga of devotion to the lotus feet of Sadguru.

Kill the thieves, lust, anger, etc. Abandon the ideas, I am the doer. I am the enjoyer. Be established in the idea of the unreality of the world. This is the practice of Pranayama for you. Make friendship with Mudita, Karuna, Upeksha, Sama, Dama. Fix the arrow of Manonasa on the bow of Vasana Kshaya. Burn the forest of Pratibandhatraya, the three obstacles. Have Vairagya as the shield, discrimination as helmet, Uparati as the necklace, Samadhana or one- pointedness of mind as your brave companion, Brahmanu-sandhana as armour, Satsanga as your minister, Jivanmukti as partner in life. Ascend the throne of Self-Samrajya or Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Become the Svarat or Self-King. Drink the nectar of Immortality or eternal bliss of Brahman. Being crowned with the knowledge of Brahman know that thou art the eternal, pure, all-pervading Atman. There is nothing else besides you. Thou art That.

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