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Preliminary Sadhana

by Swami Sivananda

ry to know the ways and habits of this Ahamkara. It thirsts for self-aggrandisement or self-advancement, power, possession of objects and enjoyment. Kill this Ahamkara or egoism and selfishness. Be disinterested. Pin your faith to the opposite virtues, spirit of sacrifice and service as the guiding principles of life. At once you will have a rich, expanded spiritual life.

Kindle the powers of resistance. Keep up the positive ideal of active service of humanity and pure love. Generate the positive Sattvic counter current of energy to combat the downward negative currents of Vasanas. Keep yourself always in a positive state. Overcome negative thoughts by entertaining positive divine thoughts. Rise from impurity, impotence and faintness of heart. Be bold, be cheerful always. Cultivate Daivi Sampat such as mercy, peace, forgiveness, tolerance, etc. Destroy Asuric Sampat such as arrogance, egoism, pride, anger, lust, etc.; you are bound to attain the highest bliss or Knowledge.

O Aspirants! take refuge in your own Self, the immortal Soul. Be steadfast in your resolve. Tread the path of truth and righteousness. Watch your mind very carefully. Be vigilant and diligent. Discipline the turbulent Indriyas. Curb the tongue and the reproductive organ. You will cross the ocean of Samsara and attain Immortality and perennial Peace and Joy.

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