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Get Experiences

by Swami Sivananda

f course much depends upon the practice. You know that practice makes the man perfect. Feel the thrill of extreme joy that dawns when you are nearing the goal. You will experience a wonderful calm now. Drink the nectar in the deep silence. In the profound silence the mysterious Atman will be revealed unto you like an Amalaka fruit in the palm of your hand. Avidya and Maya and their effects Moha, fear, etc., will take to their heels. There will be light, knowledge, purity and bliss only everywhere. Some experience glimpses of the transcendent wonders of Atman. Some are on the borderland of the vast dominion of Atman. Some like Dattatreya, Jada Bharata, Vama Deva and Sadasiva Brahman had plunged deep in the ocean of bliss. The more the thinning of the Vasanas, egoism, Moha and Adhyasa, the greater the bliss of the Self. The more the Sadhana, the more the experience of joy of the soul.

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