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Meditation on Om

by Swami Sivananda

etire into the meditation chamber. Sit on Padma, Siddha, Svastika or Sukha Asana to begin with. Relax the muscles. Close the eyes. Concentrate the gaze on Trikuti, the space between the two eyebrows. Repeat Om mentally with Brahman Bhavana. This Bhavana is a sine qua non, very, very important. Silence the conscious mind.

Repeat mentally, feel constantly:

All-pervading Ocean of Light I am Om Om Om
Infinity I am Om Om Om
All-pervading infinite Light I am Om Om Om
Vyapaka Paripurna Jyotirmaya Brahman I am Om Om Om
Omnipotent I am Om Om Om
Omniscient I am Om Om Om
All-bliss I am Om Om Om
Satchidananda I am Om Om Om
All-purity I am Om Om Om
All-glory I am Om Om Om

All Upadhis will be sublated. All Granthis (heart-knots, ignorance) will be cut asunder. The thin veil, Avarana, will be pierced. The Pancha Kosha Adhyasa (superimposition) will be removed. You will rest doubtless in Satchidananda state. You will get highest knowledge, highest bliss, highest realisation, and highest end of life. Brahma vit Brahmaiva Bhavati. You will become Suddha Satchidananda Vyapaka Paripurna Brahman. Nasti Atra Samsayah, there is no doubt of that, here.

There is no difficulty at all in the Atma Darshan. You can have this within the twinkling of an eye as Raja Janaka had, before you can squeeze a flower with fingers, within the time taken for a grain to fall when rolled over a pot. You must do earnest, constant and intense practice. You are bound to succeed in two or three years.

Nowadays there are plenty of talking Brahmans. No flowery talk or verbosity can make a man Brahman. It is constant, intense, earnest Sadhana and Sadhana alone that can give a man direct Aparoksha Brahmic realisation (Svanubhava or Sakshatkara) wherein he sees the solid Brahman, just as he sees the solid white wall in front of him and feels Brahman, just as he feels the table behind him.

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