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Prayer to Lord Krishna

1. Hey Mukunda! Thou art hypocrisy personified.
How can I have reliance on Thy word?
Thou preachest renunciation of wealth and women;
But yet Thou Thyself wearest the Kaustubha jewel and Lakshmi.
Is this Thine precept by example?
Can anybody have faith in Thine teachings?
Oh! tell me, I am much worried over the
true meaning
Of what You talk and how You act.

2. Hey Mukunda! Thou Thyself livest in
coils of death;
Why have You chosen the bed of
fire vomiting snake?
How can You confer freedom to Thine Bhaktas?
Can't You with Your wealth purchase soft and
snow-white beddings?
Thine Bhaktas feel terrible fear at sight of the snake.
Thou art a bankrupt devoid of servants,
palace and kingship,
With ocean saltish water as Thine residence;
Who will serve Thee and on whom You hold sway?
Will fishes and water-animals serve Thee
or obey Thee?

3. Hey Mukunda! Thou art the worst thief
and law-breaker
Stealing the butter from the pots of shepherds
absent from home;
And dallying with wives of men, unknown to them;
Singing on the flute and dancing with them
in lone forests.
These, Thine acrobats never enhance Thee
in men's estimate.
But yet You preach that all praises are
due to Thee alone.
And men should remember Thee at all times during work and sacrifice their all to Thee alone.
O Lord! Thou art silent;
I cried in my distress,
I sought Thy shelter,
I knocked at Thy door,
There is no response.
Why art Thou so cruel?
I cannot bear anymore
The sufferings and afflictions;
My heart will break.
Pundits only say
Thou art Karunasasgar,
Karunanidhan, Karunasindhu;
Thou art cruel,
Where is Thy mercy now?
Is that ocean dried up now?
Or have you become a miser?
Can you not spare a drop for me?
Why have you not shown
Mercy on me?
Has Thy heart become stony now?
Have you become deaf now?
I will accuse Thee now,
Keep up Thy prestige,
Give me Darshan at once,
Shower Thy grace on me.
I will call Thee a serpent
Because you also live on air,
You absorb the Prana of devotees;
Come quick, O Lord!
I am waiting and waiting.

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