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Rambles in Bhakti

by Swami Sivananda
O Tongue!
Recite, recite at all times,
Om Namo Narayanaya;
You will be blessed.
Names of Lord Vishnu
Put an end
To the miseries of Samsara.
Sing the Names of Hari,
Sing His praise;
You were leading all along
A despicable life.
You lived in vain.
Do not abuse anybody,
Do not utter falsehood.
Do not speak foul words,
Do not utter harsh words.
Speak sweetly
Do not backbite.
Recite Ramayana,
Recite Gita, Upanishads.
Glorify others.
Remember the Lord
Who gave you power to speak.
Do not misuse your power.
Merge in the Lord,
Be ever blissful.
O Cupid! You are finished now,
Get away from me,
You cannot tempt me,
You cannot excite me,
Your power has gone now,
You are impotent,
Do you not know the power
Of Lord Hari's discus?
Sage Durvasa had to fly,
He had no strength,
To face Vishnu's discus.
I am under his protection;
His discus will burn you:
You are already limbless
Siva's third eye burnt you once.
Take to your heels quickly,
Become wise.
Thou art Avidya's child;
Go back to your mother.
Viveka and Vairagya,
Devotion and Name,
Will reduce you to ashes.
Show not thy face,
Put down thy flowery arrows,
Seek refuge under Hari's feet.
Salutations unto Thee.
O Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam,
O Padmanabha of Triva

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