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Mataji Omkareshwari

by Swami Sivananda

(Jnani Bhaktaa)

Mataji Omkareshwari was a Sannyasini who lived for over fifteen years in Rishikesh. She came from Gujarat. She was a Jnani and a Bhakta. She knew Sanskrit well. She was trained by her own father, a Paramahamsa Sannyasin who was her real Guru. She was a fearless lady. She had lived for some time in dense jungles where human beings cannot enter. She had the beautiful way of explaining things in Vedanta with beautiful illustrations. She composed many thrilling divine songs in Gujarati. Sometimes she would take her tambura and do Bhajan along with her disciple Swami Atmanandaji. It would be simply grand and thrilling. She was very kind with the spirit of service deeply ingrained in her. She would serve all the Sadhus in the vicinity with Sraddha and Bhava. Love, devotion, faith, liberality, joyfulness and endurance were the prominent virtues in her. She entered into Maha Samadhi in November 1935.

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