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Sukhasana is sitting at ease with the body erect. Spread the legs forward. Fold the left leg and place the feet near the right thigh muscles. Similarly, bend the right leg and push it in the space between the left thigh and calf muscles. Now you will find the two feet between the thighs and calves of the legs. This is very comfortable for meditation. Keep the hands as instructed in Padmasana.


Any easy comfortable posture for Japa and meditation is Sukhasana, the important point being the head, neck and trunk should be in a line without curve. People who begin Japa and meditation after 30 or 40 years of age, generally are not able to sit in Padma, Siddha, or Svastikasana for a long time. I will describe now a nice form of Sukhasana in which old persons can sit and meditate for a long time. This specially suits old people who are unable to sit in Padma or Siddhasana in spite of repeated attempts. Young people also can practise this.


Take a cloth 5 cubits long. Fold it nicely lengthwise till the width becomes half a cubit. Sit in your usual way keeping the feet below your thighs. Raise the two knees above to the level of your chest till you get a space of 8 or 10 inches between the two knees. Now take the folded cloth. Keep one end near the left knee; going to the back by the left side, touching the right knee, come to the starting point and make a knot of the two ends. Keep your palms face to face and place them between the knees. In this Asana the hands, legs and backbone are supported. Hence you will never feel tired. If you cannot do any other Asanas, sit at least in this Asana and do Japa and meditation for a long time.

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