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Kukkutasana (Rooster Pose)

In Sanskrit, Kukkuta means a Rooster. When the Asana is demonstrated it resembles a Rooster.


First do Padmasana. Introduce your two arms one by one as far as the elbow joint into the space between the calves. Place the palms on the ground, fingers pointing forwards. Raise the body from the ground as shown in the picture. The lock of the feet should come as far as the elbow joint. If you raise the Padmasana a bit, it will be easy to introduce your hands. Fatty persons will find it difficult to insert the hands between the thigh and calf muscles. Remain in this Asana as long as you can.


All the benefits of the Padmasana can be derived from this Asana to a maximum degree. Alasya (laziness) vanishes. The Nadis get purified. Biceps of the hands, deltoid of the shoulders, pectoralis major and minor, etc., are developed well. The chest becomes broad. Then hands get lengthened.

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