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Dhanurasana (Bow posture)



Lie flat, face downwards on the floor. Keep the hands at your side. Breathe out and bend the legs at the knees, drawing the feet above the thighs. Stretch the arms back and catch hold of the right ankle with the right hand and the left ankle with the left hand. Make secure the position of the hands, with normal breathing. Raise the head, body and knees by tugging the hands and legs, so that the whole weight of the body rests on the abdomen. Retain the posture for a few seconds. Gradually increase the duration. While remaining in the posture, concentrate on the abdomen, thighs and back muscles. Release the ankles, stretch out the legs and bring the legs, chest and head to rest in a straight line on the floor. Relax in Makarasna for a few seconds. Repeat this Asana two or three times.


This Asana relieves constipation and tones up the liver, pancreas and kidneys. The vertebrae of the lumbar and sacrum bones also get toned up. Proper blood circulation is effected and thus good health is promoted. This also renders the spine supple and elastic and minor pains in the spine are checked.

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