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This Asana is a bit difficult for people with big thigh and calf muscles. Lean persons can do this very beautifully. Sit on the ground, heels and the toes together. That is, the soles must be facing each other. Slowly twist the feet and place the heels at the perineum and the toes towards the back at the anus. Now the body will rest only on the two knees and the sides of the feet. Keep the hands on the knees. Sit erect. There is another way of doing this Asana. Sit on the ground with the soles of the feet in close opposition. They also must be facing each other. Take hold of the toes of one foot with both the hands and slowly attempt to take the foot to the belly. In a similar manner bring slowly the other foot also to the belly. When you are able to do this Asana with each foot separately, then try to do it with both the feet at one stroke. Practise this Asana gradually with great care. If you do it quickly with force, you will get pain in the legs, knees, toes etc. When the Asana is complete, the soles will be diverging and the dorsal (back) sides of the feet will be facing each other.


All sorts of knee troubles, rheumatism of the legs, sciatica, gout of the toes will be cured. The nerves of the calves and legs will be toned. Fatty people will find it difficult to practise this Asana.

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