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Six Sadhanas for Eradicating Jealousy

by Swami Sivananda

There are six ways of eradicating this emotion of jealousy

  1. Rajayogic Method.
  2. Vedantic Method.
  3. Bhakta's Method.
  4. Karma Yogin's Method.
  5. Method of Vichara of Vivekins.
  6. Theosophist's Method.

1. Rajayogic Method: A Raja Yogi destroys the Vritti by "Yogah Chittavritti-nirodhah." He destroys all Sankalpas of jealousy by introspection, careful watch and meditation. He adopts another method of "Pratipaksha Bhavana" by cultivating the opposite virtues of jealousy, viz., nobility or magnanimity (Udarata). Jealousy is the result of petty-mindedness. If nobility is supplanted, jealousy will die of itself. Have a meditation room. Sit on Padma or Siddha or Sukha Asana for half an hour in the morning. Meditate on this virtue, nobility. Think of the advantages in possessing this virtue and the disadvantages you derive from jealousy. Think of those great persons who possess this virtue, magnanimity. Imagine when you move in society that you are in actual possession of this quality. Constantly repeat the watch-words "OM Nobility" mentally during the course of the day. Keep this word-image "Nobility" before the mind's eye. Have this auto-suggestion "I am becoming better and better every day, in every way." You will doubtless develop this virtue within some months. Even if you fail, it does not matter much. Nil desperandum. Never despair. Go on with the above Sadhana (practice) systematically and regularly. Eventually this virtuous quality, nobility will become part and parcel of your nature. Jealousy will vanish altogether.

2. Vedantic Method: The Vedantin repeats the formulae "I am the All," "I am in all," "All is Self." "There is nothing but my own Self in this whole universe. I see my own Self everywhere. Who is to be jealous of whom?" he says. He tries to identify himself with an enemy, a scavenger, a thief, a drunkard, a murderer, a stone, a snake, a tiger and a scorpion (cosmic identification). Jealousy disappears by this Vedantic Sadhana.

3. Bhakta's Method: A Bhakta or devotee sees Narayana, Krishna, everywhere. He says: "Sarvam Vishnumayam Jagat"-Everything is Lord Vishnu. By this practice, jealousy dies eventually.

4. Karma Yogin's Method: A Karma Yogin reduces his wants and slowly controls the Indriyas. He serves all with pure, cosmic love, with Sama Bhavana (equal vision) as manifestation of the Lord. Jealousy vanishes completely in the long run by constant service.

5. Method of Vichara of Vivekins: If your brother is in a high prosperous position you are not jealous. If your thick friend, your chum is in affluent circumstances you don't evince jealousy. Similarly when a Vritti of jealousy arises with reference to other persons, identify yourself with that man as your best amiable friend. Immediately the Vritti of jealousy will die. By constant practice of this kind, you can slowly eradicate jealousy.

6. Theosphist's Method: This goes on lines of universal brotherhood. All are equal. All are children of the One universal Father-Isvara. By constant remembrance of this brotherhood idea, you can get rid of jealousy.

The Sanskrit term for jealousy is Irshya. Matsarya and Asuya are also synonymous terms. But there is a subtle difference. Jealousy is a particular kind of emotion or Vritti that arises in a Rajasic mind wherein the victim looks upon with a grudging eye on the prosperity or success or higher virtuous qualities o'f others. His heart burns when another man is more prosperous or happy than himself. Hatred and anger are the modifications of jealousy. A man filled with jealousy hates another man if he is in a better position than himself. He gets grief at the sight of another's success. He tries his level best to pull him down to undermine him by various foul means, by back-biting, tale-bearing or vilification. He tries to injure him. He attempts to annihilate him. He creates dissensions, party-spirit amongst his friends. These are the external physical manifestations of a man of jealousy.

A man of Irshya thinks that he should not get any kind of sorrow or discomfort and that those whom he dislikes should be afflicted and should suffer. There can be no worst vile, vicious nature of a man than his jealousy towards others. It is filthy, ignoble and beast-like. The ignorant, deluded souls of a very narrow mind are greatly affected by this deadly cancer. One who gets agitated when another man enjoys his own status is termed as Asuya. A man of Matsarya cannot bear the sight of a man more prosperous and of better qualities than himself. This is the subtle difference between, Irshya, Asuya and Matsarya.

Jealousy is the very root of all evils. This is a great obstacle to all aspirants. It is very common among the Sadhu class also. This is one of the prominent reasons for their degeneration. Even highly educated cultured persons are affected by this. It is due to their mean-mindedness and impure, filthy heart. No one can enjoy an iota of real happiness if his mind is filled with jealousy. How can there be peace of mind when the heart burns with jealousy? It can only augment the uneasiness of the mind.

Every aspirant must be ever on alert. They should not become slaves of name and fame or physical comfort or the appeasement of his palate. If there is jealousy, he is far from God. One should rejoice in the welfare of others. He must purify his heart first through utter self-dedication for the welfare and good of others. Real renunciation is the most effective way to get rid of jealousy. Discrimination and dispassion are the surest means of eradicating jealousy. You must discriminate every moment of your life between the good and evil, between the real and unreal. Then alone you can get rid of this deadly curse. Remember well that all are the children of the same God and are reaping the fruits of their own Karmas, either good or bad. There is no use of getting jealous at other's prosperity. You can also achieve the same status, if you do good actions, if you exert your best and persevere. All faculties and efficiencies are dormant within you. Everything is there. It is only the exertion and perseverance that can expose your latent faculties. It is verily the vilest quality of a coward, timid and weak to get jealous of others.

You must destroy every form of jealousy by introspection, carefully watching the mind, discrimination and meditation. You should have to adopt the method of Pratipaksha Bhavana by cultivating the opposite virtuous qualities of jealousy, viz., nobility and magnanimity. Jealousy is the result of petty-mindedness. If nobility is supplanted, jealousy will die by itself.


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