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Resolve Form

by Swami Sivananda

My Resolves For The Year:.........................................................

I will perform asanas, pranayama for __________ minutes daily.

I will take milk and fruits only in lieu of night meals once a week/fortnight/month.

I will observe a fast on ekadasi days or once a month.

I will give up __________ (one of my cherished objects of enjoyment) once every __________ days/months or for__________ days/months.

I will not indulge in any of the following more than once every __________ days/months or for __________ months: a) smoking, b) cards, c) cinema, d) novels

I will observe mouna (complete silence) for __________ minutes/hours daily and __________ minutes/hours on Sundays/holidays and utilise the time in concentration, meditation, japa, introspection.

I will observe brahmacharya (celibacy) for __________ weeks/months at a time.

I will not utter angry, harsh or vulgar words towards any one during this year.

I will speak the truth at all cost during this year.

I will not entertain hatred or evil thoughts towards anyone.

I will give __________ paise per rupee of my income in charity.

I will perform selfless service (nishkama karma yoga) for __________ hours daily/weekly.

I will do __________ malas of japa daily (mala of 108 beads).

I will write my ishta mantra/guru mantra in a notebook daily for __________minutes or __________pages.

I will study __________ slokas of the Gita daily with meaning.

I will maintain a daily spiritual diary and send a copy of it every month to my guruji for getting further lessons..

I will get up at __________a.m. Daily and spend __________hours in japa, concentration, meditation, prayers, etc.

I will conduct sankirtan with family members and friends daily for __________ minutes/hours at night..

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