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Sadhana for the Subjugation of Hatred

by Swami Sivananda

Adveshta Sarvabhutanam Maitrah Karuna Eva Cha
Nirmamo Nirahankarah Samaduhkhasukhah Kshamee

A Bhagavata or devotee who has attained God-realisation has no hatred to anything. He is friendly and compassionate. He is without attachment and egoism. He is balanced in pleasure and pain and forgiving.-Gita, Chap. XII-13.

Hatred can be removed by the cultivation of virtues such as friendliness, compassion, forgiveness and eradication of egoism and mineness. Positive overcomes negative.

An egoistic man is easily upset by trifling things. As his heart is filled with vanity and pride, a little disrespect or harsh word or mild rebuke or censure throws him out of his balance. He hates others on account of his wounded vanity. Hence, removal of pride and egoism will pave a long way towards eradication of hatred.

Hatred is born of egoism. Eradication of egoism which is the root-cause will itself lead to the annihilation of hatred.

If you are attached to a thing you will hate that man who tries to take away from you the thing to which you are attached. If you remove the ideas of possession and mineness and attain the state of Nirmamata, hatred will vanish.

If you are endowed with the quality of forgiveness you will excuse that man who tries to harm you or who has done you any harm, and you will entertain no hatred for anybody.

Cultivation of divine virtues like compassion, love, forgiveness, etc., will only thin out or attenuate hatred. Vision of God or God-realisation or the knowledge of the Supreme Being can completely eradicate or burn hatred.

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