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Assertions for Nididhyasana

by Swami Sivananda

I am the Sun of suns, Light of lights-OM OM OM

All Purity I am-OM OM OM

All Bliss I am-OM OM OM

All-pervading Consciousness I am-OM OM OM

Satchidananda-Svarupoham-OM OM OM

Akhanda Ekarasa Chinmatroham-M OM OM

Bhumananda-Svarupoham -OM OM OM

Aham Sakshi (I am witness)-OM OM OM

Nirvisesha-Chinmatroham-OM OM OM

Asangoham (I am Unattached)-OM OM OM


Live within. Live in the Spirit. Meditate on Atman, the Reality (Svarupa Dhyana). Make Mano-Japa of Om-Pranava (Manasika Japa). Chant Om. Sing Om. Feel Om. Eat Om. Walk Om. Breathe Om. Sleep Om. Befriend Om.

The uninterrupted practice of meditation 'I am Brahman' destroys the Vikshepa of Avidya (tossing or distraction caused by ignorance), just as the elixir of life (Rasayana) cures all diseases.

Sitting in a solitary place, free from all passions, curbing the Indriyas (senses), one should meditate on that one infinite Atman, without thinking of anything else.

A wise man should by his intelligence submerge in the Atman all that is seen and should always meditate on the One Atman that is like the pure, infinite ether.

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