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Points on Bhakti Yoga

by Swami Sivananda


Jnana (wisdom) and Vairagya (dispassion) are the two sons of Bhakti (devotion).

Without Bhakti, Jnana will dry up and dispassion will evaporate.

Without oil the lamp will get extinguished. Without Bhakti, Jnana and dispassion will perish.

The proof that man loves God is first shown by loving his fellow-men.

Ask God to give you His Grace that you may suffer willingly. Ask not God to take the suffering from you.

With devotion humility comes.

In the wake of devotion, renunciation follows.

Devotion is the master-key to attain divine perfection.

Bhakti includes the love of humanity.

Bhakti consists in love to God and through this in love to man.

Love to humanity must be based on love to God; if it is not, it is bound to have a shaky foundation.


Love unites the individual soul with God.

It is only love that finds out God.

God is the primal essence.

The vision of God is a gift of God. It is not an achievement attained by human effort independent of God.

God is revealed to those who love Him and whose minds have been purified by devotion to holy scriptures and holy preceptors, practice of Karma Yoga and more than all, Prapatti or self-surrender.

God is a lover who resides in every heart irrespective of caste and creed, high and low.

Loving remembrance is the method of reaching Him.

I have drunk the elixir of God by which all other elixirs have become bitter and worthless.

Many saints came from the so-called lower classes. They were illiterate. They did manual labour to make both ends meet. They were persecuted by persons in power.

Sadhana was a dealer in meat. Dharma was a poor Jat cultivator. Sena was a court barber at Rewa. Kabir was a weaver. Raidas was a cobbler. Namadev was a tailor. Tukaram was a cultivator.

Without renunciation, Bhakti or devotion can never be cultivated in the heart.

God demands complete self-surrender from His devotees.

Love is a tremendous force in the world. It draws men together. It is quite as real as electricity or magnetism or gravity.

All life is divine. All love is basically divine love.

A devotee who has made total self-surrender to God feels that he has no independent existence of his own. He lives in the Lord.

The way to attain Krishna is to become a Gopi.

Make your body the temple of the Lord. Become Lord-filled, Lord-intoxicated.

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