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Become a Jivanmukta

by Swami Sivananda

ot through matted locks, not through fiery lectures and erudition, not through the exhibition of miracles does one attain perfection of Knowledge of the Self. He in whom the two currents of Raga-Dvesha, egoism, lust and anger are destroyed in toto is ever happy and he is a Brahmin or liberated Sage or Jivanmukta.

If the Vasanas and attachment to the objects of the world vanish entirely and if you are in that immovable state, you have become a Jivanmukta. You will abide in your own Self. You will rest in the non-dual supreme seat. The Jnana vision will arise in you. The light of wisdom will shine unobscured like the sun in the absence of clouds. You will never be attracted to any worldly object. You will be absolutely free from delusion and sorrow. You will actually feel that the Self alone pervades and permeates everywhere in this world. You will shine with Brahmic effulgence. You will possess equal vision and a balanced mind. You will be free from longing for sensual objects because the mind will always be made cool with Brahmic bliss. You will be bathed in the cool ambrosial nectar that dribbles from a contented and quiescent mind.

Try to enjoy the sleepless sleep wherein all the senses and the mind remain in a state of quietude and the intellect ceases functioning. This sleepless sleep is Maha Nidra or super-conscious state. It is perfect awareness wherein the individual soul has merged itself into the Supreme Soul. There is no waking from this sleep. This show of names and forms has eventually vanished.

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