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Samartha Ramdas

by Swami Sivananda

Samartha Ramdas entered a garden of sugar-cane along with his disciples. One of his disciples ate a sugar-cane without asking the owner. The owner came and gave a good slap on Ramdas's cheeks. The cheeks were swollen. Ramdas did not speak a word. He left the garden quietly. He knew this was his Prarabdha. Sivaji asked Ramdas: "Guru Maharaj, what is this? I see much swelling on thy face. Kindly tell me the cause. " Ramdas refused to tell. Sivaji began to insist several times. Ramdas narrated the story to him and asked Sivaji to give some lands free to the owner of the sugar-cane-garden and not to punish him in any way. Sivaji obeyed the commands of Ramdas. Look at the magnanimous heart of Saint Ramdas! He was not only a man of equal vision (Samadrishti) but a man who treated everybody alike (Samavarthi) and considered that everything was God. This is the most exalted state that can hardly be conceived of by ordinary people.

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