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Prayers to Lord Hari


When Gajendra was in trouble,
You ran barefooted;
When Prahlada was in distress,
You came out of the pillar;
When Draupadi was in affliction,
You gave her infinite cloth.
Why have You not heard my cry?
The crocodile of lust has caught hold of me,
The lust-Hiranyakashipu is attacking me,
The anger-Dussasana is assaulting me,
Please come to my rescue!
Don't delay a minute.
O Lord with lotus eyes,
O Lord of the Gopis,
O Father of the three worlds,
O destroyer of Kamsa,
O Brother of Balarama,
O Home of the worlds,
O Slayer of Madhu!
Just hear my humble prayer.


I claim Lord Hari only
As my own
Mine is Lord Narayana,
None else;
Father or mother or brother
Is not mine.
They are my enemies,
They are obstacles in the path;
I abandoned all kith and kin.
Prahlada left his father,
Vibhishana his brother Ravana,
Bali abandoned his Guru,
The Gopis their husbands,
Bharata left his mother.
Relationship with Hari
Is alone true and happy;
Hari is the real father and mother.
Lord's grace has lighted my path;
The company of saints
Has elevated me:
Solitude is a blessing.
Meditation on the Ganges bank
Has opened Vaikuntha's door;
I drink the nectar of Prem,
I move about happily.


The morning star is up,
The day has dawned, O Lord,
The sun is rising,
The lotus is opening,
Birds are singing,
The dew-drops are drying,
Devotees are waiting,
Please wake up, O Narayana!
And bless us.
Just as the lion comes out,
From its den joyfully,
So also come out, O Lord Hari,
Of Thy bed room,
And direct Thy gaze on us,
We are waiting;
We are longing to behold
Thy effulgent face.
We have come
Pure in heart
To Thy holy presence;
We stand before your sanctorum:
We are servitors.
Glory unto Thy feet!
We adore Thee this early dawn;
Grant us faith and devotion:
Let our minds be attached
To Thy lotus feet,
Let us serve Thee for ever.


I seek refuge in Lord Hari
By whom the world is created,
In whom it dissolves;
Who is the first cause,
Who is the greatest Lord;
Who has no beginning, middle or end,
Who is Himself all,
Who is self-born.
Lord Hari is incomparable,
Even the Vedas cannot fathom Him;
In wisdom He is the father of Brihaspati;
In wealth He is the husband of Lakshmi;
In beauty He is the creator of Cupid;
In rulership He is the Lord of the Three worlds;
In power He is the Lord of Indra;
In brilliance He is the Sun of suns;
In preceptorship He is the world's first Guru;
In heroism He is a terror of the Asuras;
In peace He is the Lord of the Rishis;
In purity He is the creator of Ganges;
In godliness He is the God of gods;
In love He is the source of Radha;
In perfection He is Perfection itself;
In freedom He is the Mukti-Dhama itself;
In independence He is the Kaivalya Pada itself.
Glory to Hari, the Lord of Lords!


O Madhava! O Keshava,
By the sword of Thy grace
I have cut off all my bonds;
I am free, I am blissful,
All desires have disappeared.
Now I aspire for nothing
But Thy blessed feet;
I have lost my thoughts
In Thee, O Narayana.
Thou hast cut the chains
Of my Sanchita Karma.
Thy grace has saved me.
Thou hast enthroned Thyself
In my heart now;
All my fears have vanished.
Thou hast entered into me
And possessed my entire being.
I have not done
Any hard and long Tapas
For such a great blessing.
I have not practised
Panchagni Tapas
Or Chandrayana Vrata.
I have not served devotees,
I have not done Tirtha Yatra.
Crores of prostrations unto Thee,
O Hari, O Narayana,
Hail Divine Grace!


My Lord Hari is the real King;
He is the King of kings;
He is the Viceroy of Viceroys.
I am the servant of this Divine King;
He is the Divine Majesty of Majesties,
He is the Ruler of the Three worlds,
He is the foremost Sovereign,
He is the Emperor of emperors.
Terrestrial Viceroy is selfish,
He is a mortal being;
But my Divine Viceroy
Is Immortal and unselfish.
Earthly Viceroy is the servant of the king;
But my Viceroy is the Master of masters.
Earthly Viceroy will retire
After five years;
But my Viceroy is the Eternal Ruler.
O Hidden Viceroy of Viceroys.
Salutations unto Thee!
O Giver of boons.
Lover of devotees,
The Light of the world,
The inner Effulgence,
Prostrations unto Thee!
Lift me up from this Samsara.


I bow to Lord Narayana,
Who witnesses all phenomena,
Who is free from all blemishes,
Who is self-luminous,
Who is the Supreme Soul,
Who presides over all,
Who is an ocean of mercy,
Who is the source of Jiva.
I prostrate to Lord Hari,
Who is the cause of all,
Who has for Himself no cause,
Who brings misery to an end,
Who is salvation itself,
Who is the shelter for all
Who has endless powers,
Who is the source of Vedas.
I salute Mukunda,
Who has Chinmaya body,
Who enlightens the devotees,
Who is the best of all,
Who is Purushottama,
Who is the Consort of Lakshmi,
Who is the Emperor of the three worlds,
Who was compassionate
Towards Gajendra.


O Lord Hari All-merciful!
Just hear my humble prayer:
I decided to build
A lovely model city
In my heart,
And to bring Satsanga,
Viveka, devotion, Brahmacharya,
Japa, Kirtan, Prayer,
To dwell there.
But this mind is very mischievous;
I am keeping quiet:
I do not speak a word to him.
He is violently attacking me
Of his own accord;
He is aggressive;
He puts many obstacles
In my sincere attempts.
I raised the four walls
And put four windows;
He came and pulled them down.
Again I built the walls
After putting a strong foundation;
I used cement this time:
Still he broke them down.
Perhaps it may be
War-quality cement;
I cannot help this:
When can I get Portland now?
For everything there is permit;
It is impossible to get permit.
It is at the mercy of some
Who are suffering from piles,
Swelling and elephantiasis head.
This is all Thy Lila
Lokavattu lila kaivalyam.
He makes a threat to me
That he will bring his whole army
Of hypocrisy, pride, lust.
And kill Satsanga and others,
In the twinkling of an eye
What shall I do now?
I cannot live without Thy grace!
Save me! Protect me!
Take this mind with Thee:
This is only Thy Maya's product.
Let me remain at ease
And succeed in my attempt.
This time I will use
The best divine cement
R. P. M. Brand
Rati, Prema and Mahabhava.
Glory unto Thee!
O Adhokshaja!
Protector of three worlds.


O Lord! Thou art the protector
Of the helpless;
Thy compassion is immeasurable.
Thy greatness is beyond comparison.
I am full of defects
And yet you have not picked holes in me;
You have forgiven me,
You have elevated me.
I am a mere child,
I am without intuition,
I am without knowledge,
I am without realisation,
I am without devotion,
And yet you have kept my mind fixed
On Thy lotus feet.
You have showered Thy grace
On this humble soul;
I had Thy wondrous vision,
I was lost in ecstasy.
I was at once transformed,
I was drowned
In divine consciousness,
In the ocean of divine bliss.
Hail Hail O Vishnu!
O Narayana, O Ranga!
O Rama, O Venkatesa!
Salutations unto Thee.
O Lord! Who danced
On the five-headed snake;
I have installed Thee
In the temple of my heart.
I worship Thee
With the flowers of Love;
I wash Thy lotus feet
With the tears of Prem;
I light the lamp of devotion
To adore Thee.
My mind melts with love;
Thou hast stolen my heart;
I sing in ecstasy.
Thy feet rest upon my head;
I behold a splendid light;
I experience a vision beatific.
I see Thy charming beauty,
O Honey! O Nectar.
Thou art in my heart
Like a diamond hill,
O Chakrapani
The holder of disc;
Nothing can equal Thee.
Thy grace is invincible;
Thy Name has saved me;
Thy Name is the greatest treasure.
O Padmanabha
I cling to Thy lotus feet;
Thy lotus feet
Scaled the three worlds;
Thy lotus feet crushed
The hood of Kaliyanaga
From Thy lotus feet
Flows the sacred Ganges;
The dust from Thy feet
Purifies the fallen.
O Vasudeva,
I cling to Thy lotus feet
The feet which Prahlada held,
Which made Dhruva immortal,
Which support the world,
Which quench the fire
Of this dire Samsara.
O Janardhana,
I cling to Thy feet
Which are cool and beautiful,
Which are lotus-like,
Which give shelter
To sincere devotees,
Which are shampooed
By the Goddess Lakshmi.
O Lord Hari, O Valiant one!
Thou didst churn the deep ocean.
O Lord of golden hue!
O Nectar! O Effulgence!
O Knowledge's end!
Blue like the clouds,
I prostrate before Thee.
I think of Thee at all times;
Grant me this boon.
O Ranganatha, O Vitthala!
Let me be a pillar of Thy temple.
Let me be a Tulasi or Jasmine
That adorns Thy neck,
Let me be the lucky flute
That you keep at Thy lips,
Let me be Thy Vanamala,
Let me be the road
That leads to Thy temple,
Let me be Thy Koustubha gem
Or Thy anklet or bracelet,
Let me be Thy Makarakundal
Or Thy Kireeta,
Let me be Thy conch,
Mace, disc or lotus,
Let me be the step
In the sanctum-sanctorum.


O Lord of Lakshmi,
Protector of the three worlds!
I desire neither wealth
Nor pleasure of the senses;
I do not desire
To rule the earth or heaven.
Pleasures of the world
Do not please me.
'Pap' ka 'Bap'
Is that Lobha.
Father of sins
Is that shameful greed.
Earthly beauty
Could not delude me;
I could not find peace
In mundane objects.
The objects of the world
Are eye sores to me;
When shall I dance
In divine ecstasy?
I desire neither heavenly pleasures,
Nor enjoyment of damsels
Like Rambha, Urvasi,
Menaka and others.
Their songs and dance
Shall not attract me.
I do not want to become
Neither a pundit nor a poet,
Neither a professor nor a scientist,
Neither a king nor an emperor;
My heart really goes
To Thy lotus feet.
I cease to live
When I forget Thee.
Para Bhakti and Jnana
Are one.
In Para Bhakti
There is no ritual;
Neither ringing of bells,
Nor offering of flowers.
A Para Bhakta
Is above ceremonies
And ordinary rules.
He may not visit temples,
He is not a sectarian.
The whole world
Is Visva Brindavan for him;
He sees Krishna everywhere.
His heart is the temple;
He feels himself as Krishna.
Vaidhi Bhakti ends
In Para Bhakti.
Bhakti begins in two
And ends in one;
The will of the devotee
Has now merged
In the Cosmic Will.
The Lord speaks and works
Through the devotee.
The devotee is Lord himself;
He has no separate existence.
This world is Visva Brindavan;
This Hridaya is also Brindavan.
I behold Thee everywhere.
Thy face is turned everywhere.
O Lord! Shall I wash
Your Feet with holy water?
The very Ganges flows from Thy feet!
Shall I give You a seat?
Thou art all-pervading!
Shall I wave lights for Thee?
Sun and Moon are Thy eyes!
Shall I offer flowers to Thee?
Thou art the essence of flowers!
Shall I offer Prasad to Thee?
Thou art the essence of the food!
Shall I offer cloth to Thee?
The sky is Thy garment!
Shall I offer some gold?
Thou art the husband of Lakshmi!
Shall I play music for Thee?
Thou art Sabda Brahman itself;
Thou art Raga and Ragini;
Thou art Saptasvara;
Thou art Anahat Music!


I bow down to Narayana,
I always worship Narayana,
I utter the Name of Narayana,
I remember Narayana,
I sing Narayana,
I praise Narayana,
I serve Narayana,
I meditate on Narayana.
Narayana is my refuge,
Narayana is my life,
Narayana is my all,
Narayana is my goal,
Narayana is my centre,
Narayana is my ideal,
Narayana is my soul,
Narayana is my solace,
Narayana is the five elements,
Narayana is the mind,
Narayana is the Prana,
Narayana is Brahman,
Narayana is Indra,
Narayana is this world,
Narayana is Siva.

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