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Spiritual Life - A Perspective

Most significant journeys in a human life begin at a certain point at which the person recognises the need to undertake the journey, assesses his or her available resources and accounts for the possible difficulties as well as the potential rewards. The journey into the spiritual life can sometimes begin in mysterious ways. A profound thought may suddenly appear in the mind, one may read a great book, a stunning sight in nature may strike one dumb with awe, an insightful comment from a friend may touch a part in the person that had never been previously reached, meeting with a great saint or a word of wisdom from them may occur, a meaningful glance, a bit of inspiring music-any number of apparently random things can get a person thinking about the ultimate meaning of life.

The true spiritual path is an attempt to seek out and find definitive and non-relative ideals. The sections that follow are meant to serve as a possible catalyst that can spur a person to begin the spiritual journey. The first section is "What is the Spiritual Life?" and introduces a beginner to the psychological, social and personal circumstances that help lead a person to search for meaning. The second section is "Spiritual Practices," and various practical approaches to the spiritual life are suggested and explained. The third section is "Suggested Books," and some reading material from Swami Sivananda, Swami Chidananda, Swami Krishnananda and Swami Venkatesananda is described for the benefit of the interested reader.

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