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Until The very Last Breath

To enter into the spiritual life is a rare blessedness; it is a great good. To take it seriously and engage in active spiritual sadhana is a second blessedness and a still greater good. But to persevere in the spiritual life, to be ever progressive and ceaseless in one's spiritual life, is the greatest good, the crowning blessedness. One makes up one's mind: "Come what may, until the very last breath persists in this body, I shall not swerve from the path of sadhana. Until the very last breath is in the body, I shall persevere. I shall dedicate myself to the divine life. I shall be a yogi; I shall ever be intent upon attaining the Goal. I shall never slacken my efforts, much less, cease my endeavour. Till the very last breath I shall be a sadhaka. Come what may I shall be a yogi till the very last. Anything else may be uncertain, but this is certain. All else may be undecided, but this is decided once and for all. I am determined that the spiritual life will be my life, the spiritual goal will be my goal. And God will be the central fact in my life. I shall live my life for God and His attainment."

Thus, if one gladly takes upon oneself this "do or die" attitude to life after serious deliberation and with firm conviction, that would indeed be the crowning glory of one's sadhana life. This is the greatest good; it is the supreme blessedness. And it is to such a sadhaka that success comes, success is sure, fulfilment awaits. Here there is no doubt or vagueness. The Cosmic Being gives Itself to one who has totally given oneself to the Cosmic Being, to one who is prepared to live or die for That. This is for sure. One who has left everything and asks only for That, That gives Itself fully to such a one. This is the truth.

Therefore, rejoice greatly that this choice is before you. Rejoice greatly that this opportunity beckons you. Rejoice greatly that the dispensation of the Divine is that to each seeking soul belongs that for which its life is offered and lived until the last. "Those that give themselves unto me, to them I give Myself." This is the declaration. This is the life, this is the time, this is the great opportunity. Let each day be lived with the awareness of this great good fortune, with the awareness of this supreme blessedness, of this golden opportunity. Then we shall have nothing to regret. Rather, we shall have all reason to rejoice. There is a concept in the West that is applicable to the field of heroics: "Success and victory are to those who dare. A coward dies a thousand times, a brave man but once." And that one death comes in triumph, in success and victory. It is the crowning glory, and it is assured for those who dare. More than in any other field of human endeavour, such daring and dedication, such defying of death itself are called for in the life spiritual.

May the grace of God and Gurudev make you of that stuff. Coming into contact with the philosopher's stone, iron no longer remains as iron; it becomes pure gold. Not without meaning has the Cosmic Being brought you into living contact with the sublime, life-transforming, spiritual wisdom teachings of Swami Sivanandaji. Having thus come into contact, be heroes in this strife. Dare to live the spiritual life unto the last and crown yourself with the supreme blessedness of success, victory and a life triumphant!

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