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Life is Upheld by Sacrific

This entire life on earth is made possible by sacrifice. All life on earth is made by this process of self-giving, the offering of oneself for the benefit of the whole. The rain that may be falling outside is the direct result of the rain clouds giving of themselves. This sacrifice in the sky is received as water by the parched earth, which in turn gives of its very essence in the form of all the grain and fruits and vegetables that nourish and sustain all creatures on earth. This offering of the clouds is made possible by the self-offering of the ocean waters, which give of themselves in abundance, limitlessly, boundlessly. Thus is this earth upheld by sacrifice. Each part gives of itself for the benefit and the happiness of all, for the life and the living and the survival of all. And, if you offer yourself to the Lord who is more that all, he looks to it that He offers Himself for you, and then there is nothing that He will not do for your sake. He will not only liberate you from all that binds you here, but He will liberate you forever by the offering of Himself in the form of emancipation and divine perfection. This is the eternal promise: if you offer yourself up to Me, then verily I offer Myself up to you.

Thus, life is pervaded by the spirit of sacrifice, which is the offering of oneself for the benefit of everything else. Life is upheld, life is benefited, life is made possible, and life is blessed by the spirit of sacrifice. One who realises this truth that prevails in human life and who keeps up this chain of sacrifice is wise. Benefiting everyone, that individual benefits oneself. Becoming selfish and self-centered, wanting the world to offer everything for one's benefit is a sad mistake that ultimately results in one's own stagnation, because sacrifice is an ongoing process. It is a perpetual movement towards peace, joy and perfection. In reversing this process and wanting all creation to work for our benefit is a state of putting oneself in contradiction to the whole law of life, to the working of the will of God.

When one does that, one invites for oneself misery, restlessness, and frustration. All these result from one's lack of understanding of this great glorious central fact of life that our highest good lies not in wanting the universe to serve us, but in serving the universe. Therefore, our ancients taught us not to pray for our own good, but for others. May all be happy! May all be prosperous! May all have peace! This is an expression of the recognition of this great law of sacrifice. Lord Krishna taught that if you wish for your own happiness, work for the happiness of others. If you wish for peace, work for the peace of others. If you wish that God would do everything for you, then do everything for the love of Him.

What you are, that the world is to you. Recognise this great truth, this great law that pervades this universe. Then by harmonising yourself with this law, you are indeed on your way to the highest blessedness. By living and working in tune with this spirit of sacrifice, you bless yourself a hundredfold.

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