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Mystical Moments

Somehow or the other these universal souls come. They are the real cosmopolitans. They proclaim the great oneness and brotherhood of all living beings.

Over the course of human history, many a time their teaching is stifled, is overcome by dry philosophy and dogma. Yet, in spite of that, it never dies. it is like the grass that is covered over with snow in the winter. Each long winter you think the grass is no longer there. But come spring and the thaw sets in and the sun slimes again and the snow clears, God knows, sometimes even from within a layer of snow, this green shoot thrusts itself out and is seen. How amazing is this vitality. It never dies. So too with the teachings of the saints. From time to time, during the course of history, always these mystical moments keep cropping up.

In whichever race, clime or time they appear, these great minds have ever thought alike. They have borne irrefutable testimony to the essential underlying unity of all humanity. Their exceptional character encourages, inspires, and unerringly guide the masses. By their achievements they indicate the heights that are attainable by right effort. They show what hidden potencies human being contain and what high destiny lies ahead.

For in their vision they see in you an immortal spark of the divine. They say that you are part of a Universal Essence, an eternal Cosmic Reality that is beginningless and endless, that is eternal and permanent. You have not come here merely to live, grow, eat, drink, enjoy some little sense enjoyment, laugh a little, weep a little, and then one day pass away without leaving any sign of yourself. This is merely physical existence. The realization of your true identity, of your immortality, of your essential divinity, that may be held to be your divine destiny.

This great ideal was proclaimed as the goal of all human individuals. For these illumined saints and seers say: "O man, striving and struggling in this earth plane of phenomenal existence, we proclaim to you a great discovery. We have attained an experience which has liberated us from all sorrow, pain and suffering and which has filled us with supreme bliss. We wish that you also share this wonderful experience. Come and listen. What we have attained you can also attain. We have come face to face with that radiant Cosmic Being beholding whom the mortal becomes immortal."

It is that Eternal Reality alone that can give you true happiness. And that Eternal Reality is not only a Cosmic Principle, it is the innermost centre of your being. You are part of that Eternal Reality. Deep within you lies this bliss as your own Self. Never for a moment is that bliss apart from you. Never for a moment is that bliss absent. It is the ever present truth of your being.

You cannot know it through the senses because the senses are outgoing. You cannot know it through the intellect. Be silent. Stop thinking, and take your mind within. Know that you are immortal bliss. Become aware of that Radiant Being who, in silence, thunderously proclaims "I-am". Know thyself and be bold, fearless and free.

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