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How to Choose a Profession

In deciding upon a profession, you must now take a new look at the professions and reconsider what professional activity really implies. It constitutes your service and your contribution to the welfare and progress of the entire society in which you are living.

Professional life is self-giving, is giving of oneself for the service of and benefit and happiness of all beings. Its income bringing aspect is secondary and not primary. This must be clearly understood. It must be subordinated to the basic ideals of self-giving and service. Otherwise man is not a man. He is but a beast in human form, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

As long as you have a body, you have to work hard for your livelihood. You have to struggle hard to provide yourself with the necessities of physical existence-food, clothing, shelter, medical aid. But your efforts to earn your livelihood should not be immoral, unethical or unrighteous. Right conduct should be the basis of your professional or business activities. Ply a trade, do a business, be a farmer, be a doctor, it will not come in the way of your attaining supreme success in life provided you ever adhere to right conduct.

Similarly, your social life should not become mere frivolity, dissipation, extravagant entertainment and a waste of time, energy and money in meaningless status keeping. Social life has to be constructive, creative, ennobled by fellow-feeling, compassion and the spirit of sharing. It must be gainful in terms of increased happiness, welfare and benefit to all beings amidst whom Providence has placed you.

Be helpful to your brothers and sisters. Desire to serve your own neighbour. Desire to serve the society, nation, all creatures, even plants and insects. Desire to be serviceful to all. And do not forget that great being who gives us life itself-our Mother Earth. Without pure water and clear air, thick forests and fertile pastures, life on Earth cannot continue in a healthy manner. Already so many species have become extinct due to greed and selfishness. This will be our fate also unless great effort is put forth to turn the tides. Let your time be spent in these worthwhile pursuits.

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