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You Are Divine

You are a Child of God. You are Divine. You are essentially an eternal and imperishable divine spirit. You are immortal Atman (the divine soul within.)

You are not this perishable cage of flesh and bones. You are not merely this restless and impure mind filled with selfishness, anger, hatred, passion, greed, cravings, etc. Neither are you this limited and finite intellect which is many a time prone to error and fails you at the time of need in solving our problems. But beyond body, senses, mind, and intellect, you shine resplendent as an eternal and immortal spirit.

Satchidananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute) is your real nature. You are an eternal part of the Supreme Universal Spirit whom we refer to as God. He is a Cosmic Being, the eternal source and origin of your very existence. You are inseparably connected with Him in the inner dimension of your real nature, your spiritual nature which is in fact your true identity.

You are in truth a Child of God. You are not of the earth. You come from a dimension which is beyond this phenomenal existence. Somehow or other you have got caught in this temporary state of embodiment and encasement and limitation of mind full of selfishness, opinions, fears, and worries. But this is not natural. You must put an end to this.

You are a Child of God. You are Divine.

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