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Respond to Enternal Call

The one Great Reality, the Cosmic being, the source and origin of countless universes, ever remains the one, non-dual existence, the transcendental Reality, present and hidden as the subtlest of the subtle, beyond the senses, and something that the mind and intellect cannot comprehend. That Reality is the centre of your being. That Reality is your essential eternal identity. May that Reality shine forth in your consciousness as the true "I Am" beyond the little "I" that dominates our lives, that pushes us, pulls us, that twists and turns us and shoves us up and down. This little "I," you are not.

Words that were proclaimed by the illuminated and liberated sages and seers of the Vedic era must ever pervade your consciousness, dwell in your heart, direct your intellect and guide your entire life-"Arise, awake, and attain illumination." The whole process of your being and doing, thinking and acting, should be this process of arising, being awake and alert and attaining illumination. Then alone we are living. That is life-a steady onward and upward ascent towards Divine-consciousness, Reality-awareness, Self-experience, Knowledge. There is nothing higher that that, greater than that. It is the culminating pinnacle achievement of all existence. Call it Brahma-jnana, call it Christ-consciousness, call it satori, call it the Supreme Tao, call it nirvana... It is the one, supreme, non-dual experience that liberates you forever from your bondage to yourself. It liberates you forever from this dream of being bound to a non-existent conglomeration of names and forms-this universal appearance.

The queen Madalasa rocked the cradles of her infant princes and sang this lullaby, "You are all-pure, enlightened and immaculate. Give up this sleep of delusion that makes you give value to that which has no value. This is a great blunder. This is the darkness of the slumber of non-awareness." That is the call you have to respond to. That is the call of the Upanishads. Give up this deep sleep of delusion. You are the all-full. You ever shine as a centre of radiant and dynamic Divine-consciousness within your apparent physical-mental personality. Awaken to your Divinity, affirm your Divinity, assert your Divinity, and make life an expression of your Divinity. This is the one and the only teaching. This is the one and the only message. Awake; answer this call. Make your life a dynamic expression of what you are by giving up the dream of thinking of yourself to be what you are not. That is the one great need if right here and now, in the midst of this vale of tears, you are to be rooted in the strength of your true nature.

Reality never changes. You are what you are. Be what you are and make your life an expression of what you are, namely Divinity. Then life becomes true life, authentic life. May responding to this call be your one great task. May this be your joyful duty. Blossom like a lotus in the midst of the mud of this samsara. Become rooted in Reality and celebrate your life as a glorious victory and attainment!

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