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A Simple Meditation

Every day, morning and evening, sit silently. Drop the world from your consciousness. Calm the Mind. Keep the body straight. Breathe naturally and rhythmically. And raise your consciousness by recitation of a favourite prayer or repetition of the Divine Name, if you want. Whatever Name your religion has to indicate the Supreme Being, repeat that Name. All Names imply the same thing: total perfection, infinite perfection, eternal life, unfathomable peace, infinite bliss, all purity, all truth, all light.

In this way, connect yourself with the Divine. Whatever religion you belong to, you are a child of God. God is the Universal Spirit. Because you are a child of God, you are also divine. Feel your divinity. Feel your spiritual nature. Feel yourself all perfect, imperishable, ever blissful, ever peaceful. And try to remain in that state of awareness for as long as you can.

If the mind wanders here and there, ignore its wanderings and bring it back gently. Focus it back into the awareness of your real nature. Be in that awareness. Feel yourself bodiless, mindless, without name and form, without birth, without death, timeless. Enter into an awareness of the Divine and stay in that awareness. There is nothing. There is no time, no space. There is only a vast, timeless ocean of existence, consciousness and bliss. Become one with it saying, "I am a part of that infinite ocean of bliss, peace and luminosity." Do this practice.

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