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Brahman In Time and Space

We are told that the supreme, ultimate divine reality baffles thought, reasoning and human language. It is transcendental, beyond space and time, unmanifest. How can we, bound up in a consciousness limited and confined by time and space factors, depending solely upon and inner instrument made up of mind and intellect, how can we ever hope, ever have the possibility of comprehending that great Reality? He being imponderable, it would seem to be impossible. Nevertheless, those who have scaled the tremendous heights of the realisation of the Absolute, have discovered when they have come down from the super-consciousness and transcendental experience that another facet of this great Reality exists. And this has been a discovery so great, so wonderful that it would be the greatest thing to grasp it, live in that truth and base our sadhana upon that truth. It would make a revolutionary change in the quality of our spiritual life.

And that second facet that they experienced and which overwhelmed them, they have shared with us. It is the truth that the supreme, almighty God, the absolute Being, who is absolute unfathomable and beyond mind and intellect, is at the same time manifest in the relative and finite dimension. Otherwise, there would be no possibility of our spiritual quest, our aspiration or our realisation. All these would be impossible. What these great men of wisdom discovered was that this transcendental Being, beyond time and space, when manifest in time and space, is YOU! Ponder this! Transcending time and space, It is that Brahman. When that same Brahman is manifest in time and space, that great Brahman is YOU!

Therefore, be what you are. Live life as a manifestation of what you are, namely, divinity. Live such a life. Scatter divinity in everything that you do all the days of your life. And when the time comes, go laughing at the so-called termination of this earth incarnation. For it has no meaning for you. There is no termination; you are eternal, infinite. Be awake and aware of this great fact that God, manifest in space and time, is no other than you. Live as you are. Make your life a manifestation of this fact. Live your life filled with a radiant divine quality. Live with joy; live with light. Spread this joy and light each minute, with each breath, everywhere, all the days of your life.

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