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Many Names - One God

God is All Love. He is the Ocean of Compassion, the Ocean of Forgiveness, the Ocean of Kindness. He is the only Reality. He is the basis, source and origin of all religions. He is the goal of all religions. Even though called by different names, as Brahman, Atman, Jehovah, Father in Heaven, or Allah, yet that Supreme Cosmic Reality is One and Non-Dual. It is that Reality which is worshipped in all places of worship: Hindu temple, Jewish synagogue, Christian church, Islamic mosque. It is the One Being glorified in all the scriptures of the world.

For before creation was created, to whom did God belong? Before there was any creation at all, when there was neither sun, moon, stars, planets, space. time, world, what to say of human beings, then what was His name? Who was there to give Him a name? What were the words that uttered any prayers to Him? Who was there to pray? Why do we fight over names? What folly! Before there was any creation at all, the one absolute transcendental Being alone existed, the one universal Reality that ever has existed, ever exists, and ever shall exist.

It was only when man came into being in the course of the strange, mysterious progression of human history that languages arose. In different parts of the earth, different ways of expressing thoughts through articulate speech evolved. Different terminologies to express the same thing developed.

Consider how many totally different names there are for the one element that you drink in order to slake your thirst. In another country, if you ask for water in your language, they may not know what you want. Yet, water is the same, thirst is the same. You call God one thing, he calls God by another name, but that does not multiply God, that does not make God many. There is only one non-dual Supreme Universal Spirit. God is the Great Spirit. Call Him Allah, call Him Ahura Mazda, call Him Almighty Father in Heaven, call Him what you will, It is the Great Spirit.

And all religions say that you are related to God. This is one of the basic concepts in all religions. In Islam they say, "there is the Light of Allah in man." In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, "I am the Soul seated in the hearts of all beings." Christianity and Judaism say that God created man in His own image and breathed His spirit into him. Therefore, the spirit of God indwells man as the innermost reality in him. The essence of living a successful life is the awakening of the sleeping and slumbering divinity within you, and doing all one can to bring about its fullest unfoldment. This is real life.

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